From Insureflow founders, Adam Foot and Darren Stewart.

An Introduction to Insureflow


Insureflow is a full-cycle insurance platform. It enables distribution, underwriting, policy management and onward processing. Whilst easy to adopt and simple to use – behind the scenes Insureflow is packed with powerful insurance-focused functionality, integrations and data.

One of the core strengths of Insureflow lies in its extensive workflow capabilities, enabling us to map the system to your real-world business processes, for each and every product line.

What our clients love about working with us is the knowledge that we bring to the table. We’re insurance practitioners and have worked in the industry for many years across all sorts of disciplines working with Brokers, MGAs and Insurers. This experience gives us the insight to fundamentally understand the needs and challenges that our clients face on a day-to-day basis.

Insureflow is built on modern scalable technology with security and performance at the heart of the system and our business operations. We host our services on Microsoft Azure and deliver Insureflow as software-as-a-service, meaning our clients don’t need to worry about infrastructure, maintenance costs or any other I.T. overheads.

What Insureflow does is enable insurance businesses to drive transformation launch products and deliver modern digital experiences, without a large upfront capital investment.

Being product-agnostic our client base is naturally diverse with Insureflow now deployed in the UK, Europe and the U.S. across a range of product lines.

Whether you’re looking to deploy Insureflow as an end-to-end solution or integrate into an existing ecosystem (for instance online quote and buyer or broker portal) we’d love for you to get in touch.