Distribute tailored products and schemes

Deploy without Limits

Deploy any number of products across multiple distribution types, anywhere in the world.

Branded Schemes

Launch fully branded schemes to any audience. Run different variants of products and schemes without duplication.

Risk Rating

Intelligent, rapid rating based on underwriter rating calculators, or manual rating if preferred.


Automatic, intelligent referrals to internal and external underwriters.

Authorisations & Peer Reviews

Automatically process risks through auditable authorisation and peer review processes.

Loadings & Discounts

Automatically and manually manage and control loadings & discounts at section level

MTAs & Renewals

Apply specific underwriting and pricing rules for MTA and Renewal actions.

Track Changes

Track premium changes and apply cap and trap rules to manage the premium lifecycle.

Helpful Information

Brokers are provided with useful, specific, tracked risk information to help decisions.

Distribute Rapidly, Control Centrally

With Insureflow businesses can quickly share and distribute products across their network. As everything is linked into the core platform, you’re able to manage access, processes, risks and performance in a single place.

  • Quick deployment

    Set up B2B partners in moments. Create user companies and distributors through a simple setup process.

  • Product Access

    Select which products and schemes each of your B2B partners have access to. Give access to your product portfolio on a granular level.

  • Control Risks Centrally

    View all activity across your network in a single application. Manage and report on performance, see real-time draft/quote/policy progress.

  • Granular Setup

    Apply specific commissions, rules, processes and workflows across your schemes and partners.