Harness the power of digital trading & online client servicing

Quote & Buy

Deliver a fully branded, exceptional online quote & buy experience for your clients.

Intelligent Workflow

Intelligent workflows change product questions and routes based on answers and other variables.

Risk Rating

Real-time pricing enables intelligent, instant rating and decision making within the quote journey.

Manage Referrals

Automatic, intelligent referrals from quote & buy to internal and external underwriters.

Client Area

Provide clients with access to policy documents and information, MTAs, renewals, messaging and more.

Generate Documents

Professional, fully-branded documents generated directly to your customers.

Mid-Term Adjustments

Enable customers to carry out mid-term adjustments and renewals simply and quickly online.

Online Payment

Process payments online securely by card, direct debit or invoice.

Chat with Clients

Chat to clients online through in-built messaging and live chat functions.

Branding & Distribution

Integrate with external data sources to validate, enhance and improve the data being entered by users. Make automated decisions based on 3rd party information.

  • Fully Branded

    Fully branded for single or multiple distributors, Insureflow E-Commerce is designed to look and feel like both your, and your schemes brands.

  • Integrated

    Advanced integrations into CRM systems, payment platforms, sanctions checking, credit scoring, business lookups and more.

  • Insureflow Experience

    Insureflow is a leader in delivering intelligent, branded, optimised insurance e-commerce solutions. Our team have been deploying e-commerce since 2002.

  • Technology

    Deploy your products on great looking, secure, highly-performant, optimised technology – with Insureflow and Microsoft Azure.

Risk Management & Processing

The E-commerce solution is automatically integrated in real-time with Insureflow back-office. Alternatively, Insureflow can send e-commerce risks to other insurance platforms and CRM systems for onward processing.

  • Ongoing Management

    The E-commerce platform integrates directly into the Insureflow back-office risk management system for ongoing policy management, renewals, adjustments and reporting.

  • Single Solution

    Insureflow back-office is automatically available and integrated for any clients deploying B2C/B2B E-Commerce systems, at no additional cost.

  • Intelligent Referrals

    Alternatively, quotes and policies created on the E-Commerce platform can be sent to most third party insurance systems for onward processing.

  • Enable Self-Service

    Enable customers to service their own risks, by deploying the online MTA and Renewals capability allowing customers to manage their policies online.

B2B/B2C Self-Service

Enable customers to manage policies themselves, from accessing documents to carrying out fully automated MTAs and Renewals.

  • Client Area

    Deploy a secure, professional client area for customers to log in and manage their account and risks. Suitable for single or multi-risks.

  • MTAs

    Enable customers to request MTAs online. Enable automated MTA process online, or submit for manual review.

  • Renewals

    Manage renewals online, from requesting updated information for manual review, through to full automated renewal processing.

  • Documentation

    Provide customers with their insurance documentation online for 24/7 access.