Manage risks swiftly and intelligently

Clear & Concise Processes

Create & update risks rapidly, aided by intelligent risk workflows and helpful data.

Adaptable Policy Workflows

Intelligent workflows change routes and questions based on policy status and lifecycle stage.

In-built Messaging

Chat to colleagues, Brokers and Customers with the built-in, auditable messaging.


Maintain detailed claim developments on each claim with notes and document upload capability.

Automatic Documentation

Professional, branded, versioned documents with intelligent dynamic data capability.

Task Management

Automatic and manual task creation & management, tied to specific risks and processes.

Event Tracking

View key events and information in a timeline format for simple risk tracking.

Auto Sanctions

Automatic sanctions checking built in to speed up and simplify the sanctions process.

Advanced Rating

Manages complex, multi-section, multi-tax, multi-country pricing calculations.

Advanced Endorsements

Automatic and manual endorsements at both policy and section levels.

Authorisations & Peer Reviews

Automatically process risks through auditable authorisation and peer review processes.

MTAs & Renewals

Apply specific workflow, underwriting and pricing rules for MTA and Renewal actions.

MTAs & Renewals

Speed up key risk management processes using intelligent workflows and automation. Carry out changes in the back-office with ease, or even allow customers to self-serve.

  • MTA Processing

    Create MTAs in seconds, present only relevant questions, calculate MTA premiums in seconds.

  • Renewals Options

    Operate manual, semi-automated or fully automatic renewals based on product requirements and risk history.

  • Integrated Data

    Use internal and external data to speed up MTA and Renewal decision making and processes.

  • Quick Compare

    Insureflow risk comparison enables users to quickly view differences between versions of the risk.

Document Production

Professional, fully branded and product specific document generation.

  • Automatic Production

    Fully automated document production for all your risk document requirements.

  • Dynamic Data

    Display information in documents based on rules, logic, distribution type and more.

  • Document Versioning

    Fully versioned document outputs. Search and find any version for any risk, within moments.

  • Fully Branded

    Total customisation and branding capability across every template, for every product.

B2B/B2C Self-Service

Enable customers to manage policies themselves, from accessing documents to carrying out fully automated MTAs and Renewals.

  • Client Area

    Deploy a secure, professional client area for customers to log in and manage their account and risks. Suitable for single or multi-risks.

  • MTAs

    Enable customers to request MTAs online. Enable automated MTA process online, or submit for manual review.

  • Renewals

    Manage renewals online, from requesting updated information for manual review, through to full automated renewal processing.

  • Documentation

    Provide customers with their insurance documentation online for 24/7 access.