Effective, controlled, intelligent Underwriting

Risk Questions

Define any number of questions to the user, use external data to validate information.

Risk Workflow

Intelligent workflows change routes and questions based on answers and other variables.

Risk Rating

Intelligent, rapid rating based on underwriter rating calculators, or manual rating if preferred.


Automatic, intelligent referrals to internal and external underwriters.

Authorisations & Peer Reviews

Automatically process risks through auditable authorisation and peer review processes.

Loadings & Discounts

Automatically manage and control loadings & discounts at section level

MTAs & Renewals

Apply specific underwriting and pricing rules for MTA and Renewal actions.

Track Changes

Track premium changes and apply cap and trap rules to manage the premium lifecycle.

Helpful Information

Underwriters are provided with useful, specific, tracked risk information to help decisions.

Enhance Underwriting with Data-led Decisions

Integrate with external data sources to validate, enhance and improve the data being entered by users. Make automated decisions based on 3rd party information.

  • Simplify & Reduce Questions

    Integrate with third-party data companies to simplify and reduce question with automatic searching and population.

  • Validate Information

    Use data to validate information added by users to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Decision Making

    Make immediate automatic or manual underwriting and pricing decision based on third party data.

  • Use TPA Data

    Pull information into Insureflow from third party admin systems, such as credit control and claims updates.

Use Intelligent Workflows

Because everything in Insureflow is driven by workflows, Underwriters are able to ensure details are captured, risks are quoted, and underwriting criteria/decision is unique to every customer.

  • Multiple Routes

    Based on logic, validation and data input – users are dynamically pushed to appropriate workflows and processes.

  • Action Builder

    Multiple actions can be triggered from any workflow pages – including sending emails, producing documents, validating, navigating, calling APIs and much more.

  • Intelligent Referrals

    Insureflow intelligently manages and reviews referral data, ensuring appropriate rules are followed, referrals are sent to appropriate teams/individuals and processes are not duplicated.

  • Intelligent Task Management

    Automatically create time-bound tasks for individuals and teams based on workflow events, such as referrals or peer reviews.

Complex Pricing & Taxes

 The Insureflow rating function calculates and saves data at a granular level, enabling automatic and manual rating of the simplest to the most complex pricing requirements.

  • Multi-Section

    True multi-section risk management and rating across new business, MTA and renewals. Full section level questions, rating, taxes, documents, logic & validation.

  • Global Taxes & Tax Splits

    Automatically calculate global taxes and tax splits. The Insureflow tax management module and tax viewer functions enable users to administer and apply complex taxes with ease.

  • Automatic Pricing

    The intelligent automated rating capability allows enables the most complex of rating sheets to be digitised. Generate quotes in seconds and bind business within set boundaries.

  • Manual/Override Pricing

    Where risks cannot be automatically priced, enter premiums directly into the risk quickly and simply. Apply premium overrides, add loadings and discounts, update brokerage and more.